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Thou Sucketh and It's Origin Story

Thou Sucketh

I really love deck-building games. They scratch that old MtG itch, while being non-collectible and needing none of the work a pre-constructed deck requires. The problem with many deck-building games is that there's very little player interaction. You're primarily interested in what you're doing and you don't have to pay much attention to what the other players are up to. This doesn't stop me from enjoying them and playing them regularly.

One day, I woke up with the idea. Why isn't there a deck-builder where you can put crappy cards into other people's decks? From what I understand, Miskatonic School for Girls allows you to put some kind of negative cards, but only to a player to your side. I wanted more than that, something like a deck-building game with take-that elements.

The first iteration was called You Suck and was themed in the present day. One of my favorite negative cards was called "Never Calls Mom." The theme didn't turn out to be much fun, because some of them might cut a little too close to home.

Soon, the game became Thou Sucketh with a fantasy-theme. The flavor text just started coming out of me, and I laughed all the way. Naming the cards was a blast. Suddenly, the game emerged.

Buying and putting Thou Sucketh cards into other people's decks is super fun. When they get stung by those cards, it's even better. Games can get nasty and grudge matches erupt quickly, all in good fun. You pay a lot closer attention on other people's turns when you're hoping they don't hit you with that bad card floating in the purchase pool.


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