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CthulhuTech v2 Dev Diary


We took a week off the burning warehouse to play the adventure Bob’s written for Gen Con. There was some feedback, and we’re playing it again this week. Don’t want to put out any spoilers.

There were some adjustments to tactics, given that the player’s are playing unfamiliar Tagers and that they’d played the scenario once before. They worked very hard to not allow the Namarok to group up, since they have such a mean ganging up bonus. A couple people took some hurt on the first run through. One of the things that helped greatly was the Shadow dropping an AOE Root on five Namarok, with a 3 turn duration, which locked them down and out of a pack.

The rules that worked the first time through continued to work, which was nice. We did find other things to look at. The rules for Auto fire may not be working for Tagers, though they are working for firearms. We may not have put in enough ranged attacks for Dhohanoids, which means that engaging them from range gives players a serious advantage. We’re going to look at if AOE attacks are blocked by anything, and if they are considered friendly fire, which they shouldn’t be.

The players realized that by playing different Tagers than they were used to, they didn’t have a good idea of how to work optimally. There was definitely some adjustment on the fly. It’s good, because it made them stretch and think differently about how they were going to engage the scenario.

We’ll move on to Bob’s scenario, and post how that goes when we’re done.

- Matt Grau


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