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CthulhuTech Reimagined

CthulhTech: The Shadow War

It's been more than fifteen years since I first created CthulhuTech. The game has been around for more than ten years now. There's obviously something about CthulhuTech that has me and others coming back for more.

Realizing that our old books were outdated, we set out to do an evolution of the system. We did that and released it as an open beta. Some people liked it and talked about it on the internet, though there was one comment that resonated with me.

"Seems like the new system feels pretty 90s to me."

It was and I realized that I wouldn't want to play the second edition of the system. Too many rules that were just getting in the way. Then we started crunching the math and running computer simulations and we quickly realized that our old task resolution system did not give us the results we were looking for. Plus, the poker dice were a little gimmicky.

We went completely back to the drawing board. The new CthulhuTech isn't just a second edition. It is a reimagined edition. We have a new system that can be played with dice or you can use our unique narrative system and really move your story along. The setting has been updated with some small changes, and a few sizable ones.

One of the most significant additions to the Shadow War are seven new near-human races called the Strangers: Catkin of Ulthar, Hidden, High Ghouls, Ravenkind of Carcosa, Tcho-Tcho, Viperborn, and Waveborn. These are in addition to Humans, Nazzadi, and Amlati xenomixes. We've played all of them.

I'll post more details as I explore more granular topics in future articles.


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