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Are you the King of Monsters?

ATTACK OF THE KAIJU (ATK) is the original action resource management board game about an old-fashioned, black and white, giant monster movie throwdown! 

Take control of your very own giant monster to defeat other kaiju and level the city. Evade military forces and lure your opponents into the line of fire. Carefully manage your Power to optimize the destruction, which earns you even more Power in following rounds. 

Game play is fast and strategic. Luck is a factor but success is more a result of careful planning and strict resource management. Topple buildings, defeat the military, complete each turn’s objectives, and pick fights with other kaiju to earn Victory. This determines turn order in each round, and the player responsible for the most overall devastation wins the game. 

Attack of the Kaiju may be played with teams or as a free-for-all match. Length of play is flexible. A basic three-round game takes about an hour. The double-sided game board allows for basic and advanced play, and unique kaiju abilities vary the action.

Product Contents:

1x Double-sided Game Board

6x Kaiju Control Boards

8x Tracker Tokens per Kaiju

8x Skycraper Tokens

24x Building Tokens

24x Army Tokens

6x Kaiju Tokens

12x Objective Cards

1x Special Attack Reference Sheet

1x Rulebook

Attack of the Kaiju Box

Game Metrics

Learning Ease
Learning Ease

Game Technicals

Catalog #
# of Players
Play Time
3 to 6
1 hour
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