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ZOMBIE SHAMBLE is an original casual comedy card game about zombie foot races after the apocalypse.

The zombie apocalypse happened and the zombies won. Now what? There aren’t any more people to eat and the rotting eternity is downright boring. So, the zombies came up with the idea (if that’s even possible) that foot-races would be neat. They certainly can be exciting – especially when pieces of the contestants fall off along the way!

Players take on the roles of zombies trying to do their best to get across the finish line. It’s not all that far away, but remember that you’re an animated rotting corpse and all kind of craziness can happen in just a few steps.

Zombie Shamble is a fast-paced racing casual card game that only takes 10-15 minutes to play, with up to 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. Load up your hand with hilarious cards and race a whole three steps! Hit your friends with distractions and harm!

Product Contents:

100x Cards

1x Rules Sheet

Game Metrics

Learning Ease
Learning Ease

Game Technicals

Catalog #
# of Players
Play Time
2 to 4, 6
5 to 15 minutes
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